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Sites menu
The Sites menu shows all sites which are checked in the Sites database (Options->Sites database).
Sites NOT checked, can be found under 'More' in the Sites menu.

This way you can create a list of favorite sites, where the others are close at hand under 'More'.

By clicking a site, the scanner will be tuned to the corresponding Control channel.
Off course this will only work if the scanner is controllable by RS232!

Filters menu
The Filters menu lets you select which messages are shown on screen, and which are not.
Filter Set0 through Set5 are predefined sets, at which Set0 shows the least, and Set5 the most.

For the experienced user, there is a Pro set. With this selection you have the option to select, per message, whether a message will be displayed or won't.

NOTE: some messages, such as GTC, MAINT, CLEAR, HEAD, or MOVE, are always displayed, regardless of a selected Filter set.


If you hover the mouse over the Adjacent sites list, you will see the names of the adjacent sites, provided they are present in the sites database.

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