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TrunkView uses profiles to store the alpha labels and custom bandplan channels.

A profile is a plain text file with extension .tvp (TrunkView profile) and stored in the Profile folder.

To create a profile, you can use the profile editor (Options | Profile editor...).
Click New, add your alpha records and/or custom channels, and use Save As to store the profile.

New profile

Alpha tagging
You can tag a prefix or an individual radio ident.
If you only want to tag a prefix, leave the ident field blank.

[Alpha tags]
006=Local airport
006 2372=Marshaller Johnson
006 2409=Marshaller Jefferson
012=Bus company
012 7806=Bus driver Hughes

To tag system idents (those > 8100), you have to use file 'system_idents.txt'.
The system idents are not part of a profile, hence this file is stored in the root of TrunkView.

Custom bandplan
The channel/frequency pairs can be typed into the matrix. The Tab or Enter key advances one field.
If you need extra fields, click Add channel.

A custom bandplan network will need a profile with at least one channel/frequency pair.
If there is at least one custom channel in the list, TrunkView will no longer calculate a voice frequency, but take it from the list.
A voice call with an assigned channel which is not in the list, i.e. the voice frequency can not be retrieved, will not be tracked, and shows a frequency of 0.0 .

[Custom channels]

Profile naming
The profile name when stored on your hard disk is very important!

TrunkView will automatically load a profile when tuned to a site.
For this to work you need to save the profile with an appropriate file name.
The program will look for a (stored) profile with a name derived from the site name, where the space character is used as separator.
So the profile name should include (a part of) the site name.

when tuned to a site that's in the database as: 'Penguin network Leeds', then TrunkView will look for: Penguin network Leeds.tvp,
if not found, the program will look for: Penguin network.tvp,
if not found, the program will look for: Penguin.tvp.

This way you can have a profile for one site (Penguin network Leeds.tvp) or for a group of sites (Penguin.tvp).

If a profile is loaded, the main window will show its name.

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