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Connect a scanner to the line-in or microphone input of your sound card, tune to a Control Channel, and TrunkView displays messages transmitted by the Trunking System Controller.

When a user of the network wants to make a voice connection, the Trunking System Controller will assign a voice channel (traffic channel) to that User. This 'Go To Traffic Channel' (GTC) action will be intercepted by TrunkView, and the assigned channel will be shown in the 'Voice channels' window, together with the (calculated) frequency.

In this way, the traffic channels, that are associated with a particular Control Channel, can be relatively easy found: just let TrunkView monitor the Control Channel, and the assigned traffic channels will be shown.

PC control
It is even more fun if an RS232 controllable scanner is used:

at a 'Go To Traffic Channel' message, TrunkView tunes the scanner to the traffic channel, you can listen to the conversation, and at the end of the conversation, the scanner will be retuned to the Control Channel!

AOR, Icom, Realistic, Uniden and Yaesu radios are supported. See this page for a complete list of compatible radios.

Trunking System Controller
The Trunking System Controller (TSC) is the unit that has the central control intelligence (hard- and software), necessary to enable the trunking system to function according to the MPT1327 standard.
It is referred to as 'Control channel'.
The TSC acts as an intermediator, when two users want to contact each other. It checks the availability of users, sends messages (through), establishes connections.

Connect the scanner to the computer
The 'speaker out' of the scanner is connected to the line-in (or microphone) input of the sound card.


The volume setting is not critical, but should not be too low. At one-third of the range is okay.
Also, connect your RS232 cable, if using a PC controllable scanner.

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